Illinois Bail Bonds: Securing Bail Here

In Illinois, bail bonds must be obtained through the county or city rather than through any commercial situations. This state is a non commercial bail bonded state in that it does not allow for any commercial establishment to post bail for a criminal defendant. In this case, individuals must provide the funding for their bail through their own means or they are to be kept in jail until the case or trail has been completed. Illinois bail bonds laws do not allow for bail bondsmen to provide bail to these individuals.


The Process

When an individual is suspected and picked up on charges, he or she will have an arraignment before any other type of case is done. Here, the individual will be put in front of a judge to determine if the case can be closed now, when the next court appearance should be as well as to set any bail amounts necessary. The amount that the bail is set at is a number that is dependant on several things. First, the individual must not be a flight risk. Also, the seriousness of the crime is taken into consideration. In some cases such as that of murder, kidnapping or other felonies, individuals will not receive bail at all.


Once bail is determined, the state of Illinois will require the individual to cover their bail. This can be done in a percentage of the amount owed, in some cases, or it could be for the entire amount as determined by the judge. The funds can be secured through property, in some situations as well. The funds are provided to the court or through the jail system. There is no option of funding the bail through a commercial bonding agency in Illinois.


A Look At Illinois

In some cities in Illinois crime rates have dropped. The larger the city is, such as Chicago, the higher the crime rates are there. Yet, for many individuals in this state, crime has been affected by economy. For those that find themselves in trouble with the law and in need of funding through a bond, they will need to seek out help through personal bonds provided for them through an individual. While federal and immigration type bonds can still be purchased through a bondsman, in most cases, individuals in areas of Illinois, such as in Cook County, Monroe County or DuPage County will need to rely on personal funds to pay for a bond.